Fairburn Agates

We love Fairburn agates too! Fairburn agates are neighbors to Lake Superior agates, and are found in the vicinity of Fairburn, South Dakota. If you have a Fairburn picture you would like made into a puzzle, send an email to Susan @ White Buffalo.

Where is Fairburn, South Dakota?

Fairburn is 30 miles south of Rapid City and is between Custer State Park and the Badlands.

Where can I find other people who love Fairburn Agates?

The best way to meet others in the Fairburn community is to join one of the Facebook groups. There are two active groups:

Fairburn Agate Hunters
Fairburn Agate of South Dakota

Do you like Fairburn Agates? Do you like puzzles?
Well, you have found the right place!

Garden Rose

Photo by Dave Reed

This beauty is a Fairburn Agate that Dave brought with him from South Dakota.

Fairburn Flower

Photo by Dave Reed

Fairburns are as beautiful as flowers in the spring.

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